SubNetworx is your solution for - IT Management. Network Design and Administration. Web Design and Hosting. Remote Support. Virtualization. Onsite Support. Your Everything IT.

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  • SubNetworx is your IT department - without the cost of having a full time staff. From designing your network, to maintaining
  • SubNetworx Web Design and Hosting We can give you a presence on the internet that will scale to the needs
  • We can consolidate your current systems from their physical hardware to Virtual machines to help fully utilize todays powerful hardware resources.

Technology moves business today.  Subnetworx provides the necessary expertise to help your business make sense of and utilize that technology to better serve you.   From building your web presence, to planning and maintaining your computer systems and networks, you need qualified and current information.  You need an IT Administrator to help inform you and make qualified decisions about technologies for your business.  A full time administrator may not be a practical member of your staff, however you do need to have your computer and networking systems maintained and updated to do your job effectively and efficiently.  

Call Subnetworx today.  We can augment your existing in house staff, or fully manage your technology for you.



  • IT Administration >

    Maintenance.  Prevention.  Upgrades. 

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  • Security >

    Your network, computer systems, website, all have security concerns.  We will help you create a plan that is a balance between security and functionality.

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  • Backup >

    How important is your data to your business?  Do you have a comprehensive backup strategy?  We can help.

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  • Website >

    We can perform a needs analysis  to determine what your website strategy should be.  Simple HTML website or a dynamic website powered with one of todays excellent CMS solutions.

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  • The Cloud >

    Let Cloud Service Providers host your backups and applications.

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