Managed IT


SubNetworx is your IT department - without the cost of having a full time administrator. We take a proactive and preventative approach to caring for your computers and network, to help keep costs down, and your productivity up. From designing your network, to maintaining your systems to minimize downtime, we will enable you to focus on your business, not on the tools that you need to run it.

Leave the complicated demands of maintaining your network to SubNetworx with our managed IT services. Our services include: Network monitoring, troubleshooting, hardware maintenance, network design, backup and security planning.

SubNetworx will:

  • Monitor your network
  • Keep your systems up to date
  • Repairs
  • Develop a security policy
  • Backup policy


Hardware failures happen. However damage can be mitigated through monitoring your network and having proper backup and security measures in place.



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Service Plans

A service plan is an agreement for a level of service provided by SubNetworx to proactively maintain your computer systems and network with the help of remote monitoring, remote support, and onsite support.  This model is better than the "Break-fix" method, which you only react to problems after they occur. 

By entering into a security agreement with SubNetworx, we will actively monitor for early warning signs of problems, software updates, and security issues.  The plan will be tailored to your company, so you only pay for the service that you need.